Looking after Me.

A girl at work mentioned that it looked like I was really looking after myself now that university had finished. Initially I was going to write this post about how that was a load of shit, and that I'm falling apart on the inside, but the outside looks Insta worthy. But this isn't fully true. … Continue reading Looking after Me.


Let’s Talk Facades

I'm totally guilty of this, and I doubt your immune either. Comparing yourself to others. Sometimes this is a good thing, and it can provide that positive motivation, or that extra little kick up the butt you needed, however most of the time it can get quite toxic. When you see someone, nine times out … Continue reading Let’s Talk Facades

It has Begun.

So. I'm not sure many of you will care, so take this more as a progress log rather than something interesting to read. I started my over-bite correction process today. I'm kinda shitting myself. So what's going to happen is that over a year and a bit, the orthodontist will gradually move my teeth around. … Continue reading It has Begun.