I don’t have time for this Shit

My body and I have a love hate relationship. Mainly hate. When under stress it kind of implodes. One of these implode-like symptoms would be my IBS. I have only officially been diagnosed for about 6 months. However I can confidently say that I have been in and out of appointments with this issue for about 6 years.

I was constantly told by doctors that I simply had constipation, would get sent for an x-ray, and what do you know, I was quite full. However, they were only listening to half of the story.

I got soo frustrated that I just dealt with it for years. I told myself that I didn’t have time to waste and another shitty doctor. So I ignored it as much as I could, and it wasn’t the best decision I’ve made. It can get quite painful, debilitating at times, and  of course the huge inconvenience and embarrassment of having to scout out where the nearest toilet is.

My boyfriend and I were lining up in an airport just to check-in our baggage and get our boarding passes, and I had to duck in and out of the line to head to the toilet three of four times. All I could think was that I didn’t have time for this shit. Literally.

Anyway, my point is, don’t give up like I did. I told my self I didn’t have the time, when realistically not dealing with it was probably the biggest waste of time. Eventually you will find a doctor who will listen to you completely, and work with you.

One of the most “ah ha” moments that I had was when my doctor informed me what’s actually going on down there. So basically I’d go through periods of really slow bowel movement, and periods of quite intense bowel movement.

How’s this for graphic? One day I had diarrhoea in the morning, normal movements by lunch, and then a constipation style movement that night.

I can’t say that I have completely resolved my issue, but I definitely have a better understanding of it and can manage it a bit better than I used to. 

So lesson learnt, when it comes to health, you should always just make time for it.



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