The Culture of Men

Femininity and Masculinity are highly controversial terms. These terms strongly divide scholars and theorists in their ideas, and what they mean for a person. I believe you are entitled to believe what ever you want, just don’t force it down the throat of others, and be open to different ideas.

Take feminism for example, some people believe that when I say I am a feminist, that I’m all of a sudden going to stop shaving and hate all men. For some people this is the case, for me this is only sometimes. Mainly winter and when I’m hungry. What I’m saying is that everyone has their own interpretation.

Masculinity doesn’t get discussed very often, but it should be. It’s depiction can be quite harmful for some people. Male and female. It can create these false expectations that aren’t appealing to some men, and can cause some women to want to avoid certain mannerisms in fear of being called out on them.

The big burly bloke idea only works on a few men. The rest of them have their own identity that they carve out. Some are smaller, but thoroughly enjoy engineering, others are large and enjoy ballet. Each to their own.

What really grinds my gears, is when stereotypes cause people to fear what they really want to do. I’m specifically referring to men not talking about their mental health. It’s incredibly harmful. The notion of masculinity is imposed upon them, and they are lead to deal with mental health on their own, because society has taught them that this is how its done.

We need to re-educated ourselves on the idea of masculinity and femininity and recognise that they are just ideas. Old ones at that. Men need to understand that it is more than ok to talk about their mental health with other people, and that seeking help is not weak, its normal.

What’s your idea of masculinity and femininity? How do we change this discussion? How do we educate this culture?


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