Call It What You Want

This truly opened my eyes to the emotion and opinions surrounding this day

On Australia day I love the Triple J hottest 100, I enjoy the time that I get to spend with my friends and family and the BBQ on a hot summers day. But I think it’s wrong that we don’t have time for a discussion surrounding the history of the date, and I can’t understand why changing the date is soo out of the question.

If I’m honest I didn’t question the issues surrounding the date of this national holiday until recently. For many the arrival of the first fleet is not something that they wish to celebrate as it marks the beginning of suppression, massacres and the complete disregard of human rights. Throughout school, as I learnt the history of this country, I didn’t understand why we would celebrate such oppression, but I never questioned it.

Well now I am.

A.B. Original are an amazing rap duo. They are strong activists for Indigenous Australians, and have made me so much more aware of what this day means to parts of the Indigenous community.

To me Australia Day is not about commemorating the arrival of the first fleet, it’s about embracing the multitude of different cultures that I am able to be a part of, and the freedoms and rights that we now have. For this reason I support a change of date.

If you truly have a discussion about what you celebrate on this day, I can’t imagine that many would answer the first fleet. So why not change the date? Australia is an amazing country. But I’m not blind to its flaws. I support the government for their apology to the Indigenous Australian’s,  but I don’t believe its right to end it there.

So on Australia I pay my respects to the Indigenous culture of Australia and take a moment to remember their history of oppression that began on this day.

Let’s continue this discussion. Maybe even make a change.


Further Reading

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