The Power of Tea

I adore tea. Where it’s made, where you buy it from, how you brew it, what you mix it with, the temperature you’re supposed to enjoy it at, who you enjoy it with. Everything about tea I love. And I love that everyone enjoys it differently.

When I’m studying for university I basically rely on the stuff.  I use it to start off my study process, as well as to walk me through the day. If I find myself stuck in a rut, or needing a quick break, the time it takes to brew a cup, is a perfect amount of time away from the books. It almost serves as a simple form of meditation for me.

Tea has a deeper meaning for me as well. My Mum, my Nana, my best friend, all thoroughly enjoy tea, and it is something we gravitate towards when we get together. I use teaspoons from my great grandmothers collection (much to my nanas displeasure), and admire the intricate teaware that T2 puts out.

It can be enjoyed with a fantastic book, or get you through the shittiest day.

Basically. I adore tea. Do try it.



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