Ignorance Is Not Bliss

They say that ‘ignorance is bliss’, however most of the time all I see is that it is one of the greatest causes of fear and hate.

The second something happens that we cannot explain, we tend to jump to conclusions, talk to people around us or come up with our own theories. I’m guilty. All you want is to understand.

This can be such a dangerous thing to do, sometimes even more dangerous than what we are trying to explain. When we don’t know something, or can’t explain it, it creates this sense of fear with in us that can become a powerful and highly flammable fuel.

I’ve only just come to know about Nazeem Hussain, and I found his story amazing. He and his culture have been targeted, with people looking for answers and somewhere to point a finger. Despite the put down he and his family and his religion have been through, he is still such an optimist, and vocalist for the community of Australia. The story he shared about his sister broke my heart, but at the same time, warmed it. He spoke of tragedy and fear, but then spoke of the amazing sense community and love that rallied around those who were fearful.

Another recent public event surrounding Muslim culture, particularly Sharia Law was the Q&A segment involving Jacqui Lambie and Yassmin Abdel-Magied. I’m not trying to say I understand this fully, because I definitely don’t. However, how can we possibly think that it is ok to try and ban a complete culture from a country. It truly doesn’t work. Religion is thoroughly up to interpretation, some follow a more peaceful approach others not so. My point is, how can society think it’s ok to marginalise people because of what religion they follow. The tools to harm, and cause chaos come from the person and their individual resources. In a similar way that peace comes from each individual person, and can be spread using the resources available.

We need people to slow down. Before they react, think about all of the facts, not just the ones that you want to hear. Don’t just listen to the news on one station, do some research. Open your mind and your heart, before you hurl your opinion at someone.

Another thing that grinds my gears about debates like this, but creates some amount of grey water, is the “we have every right to”. This statement is correct, and it has led to a great many things.

But sometimes, you need to stop to think. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.

Think before you do. Sometimes I do.


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