Permission to do Nothing.


What good shall I do_ Unsplash.png

This is my first year out of uni, and I’m terrified. I loved uni. It was this safe bubble, still in the real world, but away from the real responsibilities.

I had nothing to do the other day. No work, nothing to study, nothing to work on. It was the stuff of nightmares. I felt utterly useless. What am I supposed to do with my life. At uni I felt like I was a part of a bigger picture, and that I was working on something bigger, but here I feel so small worthless.

It’s not like I did nothing. I cleaned the house, went for a run, did yoga, hit up a food truck for dinner. It was in general a great day, I just didn’t feel like I was worth any of that.

Permission to do nothing. That’s what I needed. But why do I need that kind of validation? I’ve studied for 18 years straight, I had one entire day free from a due date, surely it would be a day of gratitude.

Nope, not this guy.


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