This is the Shit.

unsplash-logonikko macaspac

Throughout university I dealt with the onslaught of IBS. From doing that awkward speed walk to abandoning my car at the nearest entrance to a building, my IBS was always with me. It made sense, university is stressful, and IBS is triggered by stress. It had me buckled over in the class room at times, but at least there was a light at the end of the tunnel, that being the end of university.

Well. Apparently it’s not that simple. Since finishing university, the constant presence of IBS has diminished, and now I get to deal with this new and improved form. Less frequent, slightly more predictable, and significantly more violent. WTF?!

My IBS has morphed into this smart little monster. It knows EVERYTHING! The second I stop for the day, finishing up at work, finish cooking, finish applying for jobs, WHAPAM! It’s like it knows when I’m finally done for the day, and is like, “ha, you thought you were done for the day”.


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