To Apply, or Not to Apply

to apply, or not to apply_ UnsplashPicture1.png

Since finishing uni last year, I have jumped into the pool of overqualified and under-experienced, underemployed graduates. I’m still not sure what to do with myself, and I’m questioning why I have to know the answer to this straight away.

I wasn’t one of those people who could do a degree for a specific job. Hats off to those who can. Life after university seems so straight forward. I honestly tried it, and for a few reasons, got out of that degree quick smart. I studied because I loved it. Maybe that’s my issue.

Now I’m trying to navigate the thousands of job sites, and LinkIn pages, looking for something that “jumps out at me”. It feels ridiculous. Initially I was being a picky little fuck, but I’ve slowly grown into an apply happy applicant. Not sure which of the two is worse.

I find the whole process soo draining! Creating profiles and resumes and cover letters. finding jobs, applying for those jobs, waiting for a reply, answering longer questions. Each little extra step is more tiresome, and then finally a rejection comes through, and it almost comes as a relief.

I think I’m honestly terrified for a successful one though, no matter how exhausting the rest is.


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