Your Body is Yours

tanja-heffner-562872-unsplash (1)

Who the fuck has heard of hip dips? Mindlessly scrolling through social media the other day and this ad pops up, telling me to download this app that is going to show me 10 different exercises that can help me get rid of my hip dip…. WTF?!

Looking at my own body, sure enough I noticed this indent that this ad was telling me was a problem. I did a tad bit of research. Looked into these exercises that would get rid of it, what it actually was, was it common, etc. As it turns out, it’s fucking ridiculous and goes to show how easily we can be made to think we have a problem.

The claim that they’re making here is that exercise can change your bone structure. There are a few women I follow that constantly workout, and have amazingly able bodies, as well as hip dips.

Studying marketing at university I have become saturated with the message that the media isn’t great at promoting positive body image. But I honestly thought I was immune. I knew it was out there, I learnt how susceptible people were. Yet for a second there I was considering exercises that would attempt to change my bone structure. Revealing that I’m not as immune as I thought I was to these stupid messages.

It’s utterly ridiculous that we can be told what a perfect body looks like. Up until the moment we get told we’re not the perfect body, we live in this beautiful content ignorance, where our body is this amazing vessel that we get to live our lives through.

Can you imagine if we were fed images of acne scared faces and butts covered in stretch marks. This would be followed by “10 exercises that increase your stretch marks”, or “follow this diet for the best resulting acne”.

My point here is that we shouldn’t be striving for a common normal, or an ideal of beauty. We can strive to improve our body, make it stronger, less painful to live in, more energy, I’m all for that. But why do we all have to look the same?

To say I’m feeling a little frustrated is a bit of an understatement.


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