Shitty Milk.

Shitty Milk_Unsplash.png
unsplashNathan Dumlao

I was making an English Breakfast tea the other day and thought I’d try out the soy that I usually have with my chai teas. Turns out it’s been a while since my last tea. The soy was a tad lumpy.

Circumstances recently have lead me to using lactose free milk, soy milk and even oat milk for my tea and coffees. Reminds me of an ad from ages ago. I was a bit of a sceptic with this whole ‘sensitive to lactose’ thing. In my mind you’re either fully lactose intolerant, or you’re a fibba.

But now I’m thinking there’s a little more to it, considering that usually after a tea, I feel pretty lousy, but after a tea with soy… yeh not so lousy.

I’ve always loved milk. Dad used to heat some up for us before bed when we went camping. I thought it was awesome. Kids in stories and movies used to have a glass of milk before bed.

I thought all the rest of these milk products were for people who had major issues with the stuff. But I find myself turning to these alternatives more and more often. Maybe its my old age (me being the ripe old age of 23). Maybe it’s my IBS. I’m definitely not fully lactose intolerant (been tested for that a few times). But it’s definitely something I’m going to pay more attention to, and not throw as much judgement when someone asks for skim.


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