It’s Normal, But It’s Not.


I think I freaked my best friend out the other day. I meet up with her, but before typical hello’s, I had to ask where the nearest toilet was. I was shaky and felt like I was going to be sick (not sure which end). She didn’t ask questions, just lead me straight to where I needed to be. She knows the drill. I could read it all in her eyes though, she was a tad worried.

So, it was just IBS, and yes I demolished the toilet. My best friend was waiting for me, made sure I was alright. I brushed it all off as just another IBS episode. Nothing was out of the ordinary to me. But she wasn’t so easily brushed off.

She called me a few days later to check up on me, and it was like she lifted a lid. I was just talking about my mental health, and stomach issues, and IBS and all of the above. She made me realise that it’s normal to feel like this, but it’s not normal to just brush it off and live with it.

She made me really evaluate how I was trying to deal with my physical and mental health, which was by brushing the episodes off as  ‘just IBS’. Not entirely productive.

It’s funny how your body can ferociously throw out all of these bodily fluids at once, but it takes someone to tell you “this isn’t normal”, to think, yeh shit, it’s probably something I should get on top of.




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