It has Begun.

Cropped Teeth2.png

So. I’m not sure many of you will care, so take this more as a progress log rather than something interesting to read. I started my over-bite correction process today. I’m kinda shitting myself.

So what’s going to happen is that over a year and a bit, the orthodontist will gradually move my teeth around. Fixing up wonky ones, and ones that don’t line up where they should. I’ve opted for a predominantly Invisalign process, but I think I need braces for the bottom row, if I remember correctly. I hated the idea of having braces at 23. I mean, with may skin flaring up like it is, just chuck me some braces and send me back to high school. So call me superficial, or maybe it’s ageist, but I’m pretty self-conscious about having braces, and I don’t even have them yet.

So all of this is in preparation for reconstructive jaw surgery. They crack my bottom jaw, shift it forward a bit, and bobs your fucking uncle. Easy peasy right? When I first hear about this I was terrified. I mean you have your jaw broken, voluntarily! I did a tone of research and probably freaked myself out even more, but at the same time I was no longer shocked or surprised by things.

One thing I read was that they wire your jaw shut, and my surgeon shut this one down. He said it’s more of a set of ‘surgery braces’, and there are a series of elastic bands that restrict your movement while everything sets and heals. However, he also told me that they move your chin around a bit. This is apparently purely cosmetic, and just helps to finish of the whole process, and make it look more ‘natural’.

I think the best source of information for me personally was reading the story of blogger Lauryn. She runs an amazing blog called The Skinny Confidential, and honestly, she spoke so openly about her shitty experience, didn’t sugar coat it like the dentist and the doctors do, and it was exactly what, and how I needed to hear it.

So here we go I guess. I’ve started the process, and more importantly, started paying for it.




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