Let’s Talk Facades


I’m totally guilty of this, and I doubt your immune either. Comparing yourself to others. Sometimes this is a good thing, and it can provide that positive motivation, or that extra little kick up the butt you needed, however most of the time it can get quite toxic.

When you see someone, nine times out of ten, your seeing what they want you to see. Whether it be in person, on Facebook or Instagram. This is neither good nor bad, it just is.

I have looked at peoples Instagram posts before and felt totally guilty for the mess that my life is.

OMG! This chick seriously has her life together. I’m sitting over here in my comfortable little mess of a corner compared to…

What is happening here is your comparing yourself to a facade. This stream of images, and fronts put out there by this person. However, it’s important that you are able to recognise people for what they are. I’ve had a few cases where comparisons have lead to jealousy and me thinking I’m not doing enough with my life, or doing the wrong things, and questioning shit that didn’t need questioning.

Being realistic though we all have different goals and values and they all look vastly different on the outside. Behind the scenes everyone has their struggles and compromises.

The tough part for me is not getting to caught up in it all.



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