Looking after Me.


A girl at work mentioned that it looked like I was really looking after myself now that university had finished. Initially I was going to write this post about how that was a load of shit, and that I’m falling apart on the inside, but the outside looks Insta worthy.

But this isn’t fully true. I’ve been making myself a nice pot of tea, taking myself on run/ walks, focusing on drinking water and looking after my skin etc. I just didn’t feel great in that moment, and so thought that all these little things amounted to nothing. Whereas that’s not the case.

Looking after yourself you’re not going to feel fabulous 100% of the time, and it also looks different for everyone. For me, looking after myself means enjoying the little things, like a face mask and 15 minutes to read a book. This isn’t going to give me a new lease on life, or a new found energy, rather a simple appreciation for a few seconds of downtime.

When I was at uni, I still did these things, but had the constant buzz of a due date, or looming exam. Where as now, that’s all silent.

I do miss it at times, that sense of having something to do all the time, but I’m learning to switch off and just enjoy this break. I’m sure I’ll launch into something, but for now, I’m enjoying the little things, and looking after myself a little more.




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