Multiple Opinions.


I know this may not be a big revelation to you, but for me it kind of was. I was out with my partner the other day, and just having a general whinge. Talking about how somedays I love my body, somedays it just powers through, other days it feels blugh, somedays I feel shit about the way I look, other days fantastic, and then there’s rock bottom where all the issues my body has and a negative body image smack me all at once. I was having a sook about how I can’t feel a consistent way about it, and I feel like I’m in such a rollercoaster of a relationship with my body. He just said, “well that’s because you’re human”.

It was kind of like an, “ah ha” moment for me.

Promoting positive body image is fantastic, and I totally appreciate the need to love our body. I was getting into this hole though, that I wasn’t allowed to feel shit sometimes. I’d feel blugh and then feel shit for feeling blugh, and then just spiral down to this stupid place of self pity. Shit doesn’t get done when you’re busy feeling sorry for yourself.

Instead of trying to move past it, and pick my self up, and choke on a hundred positive affirmations, I just dealt with it. If I feel shit, or couldn’t run as far as I wanted, or my jeans were particularly snug this week, then fine. Fuck. My body fluctuates, my life fluctuates, shit isn’t going to be perfect a hundred percent of the time. Sure, I feel shit for a bit, but I’m allowed to.

You can’t kick ass a hundred percent of the time, and those moments where you’re not. They’re cool to.

Rant over. Xx.


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