Multiple Opinions.

I know this may not be a big revelation to you, but for me it kind of was. I was out with my partner the other day, and just having a general whinge. Talking about how somedays I love my body, somedays it just powers through, other days it feels blugh, somedays I feel shit … Continue reading Multiple Opinions.


Looking after Me.

A girl at work mentioned that it looked like I was really looking after myself now that university had finished. Initially I was going to write this post about how that was a load of shit, and that I'm falling apart on the inside, but the outside looks Insta worthy. But this isn't fully true. … Continue reading Looking after Me.

It has Begun.

So. I'm not sure many of you will care, so take this more as a progress log rather than something interesting to read. I started my over-bite correction process today. I'm kinda shitting myself. So what's going to happen is that over a year and a bit, the orthodontist will gradually move my teeth around. … Continue reading It has Begun.